Planning & Designing the Service

Selecting the type of funeral, whether it’s traditional or a more unique and personalized reflection and celebration of one's life, we offer many options along with personal guidance from one of our experienced funeral planners. We will help you to choose the service which best reflects your family’s desires for a service to remember and a memory to cherish.

We offer a wide range of funeral services and support information. Whether for at-need funeral services, or to discuss any aspect of advanced planning, you can rely on a long-standing tradition of individual attention to specific wishes, customs, or religious considerations. There is a program to meet your individual wishes and means.

  • We provide military honors if requested.
  • We provide personal attention from a Funeral Director to the family from the first call to the completion of the funeral.
  • We will guide each family through this difficult time with pressure-free options.
  • Each funeral will be personalized and affordable for the family.
  • We will assist families at the time of need with churches, newspapers, filing insurance forms, arranging after funeral meals, etc.

We are guided by our commitment to provide services, which are truly personalized, meaningful, and dignified to the families who have entrusted the final care of their loved ones to us. As a result, we pay close attention to every possible detail. Our goal is to exceed the expectations of our families by working closely with them to individualize and personalize the funeral services.

Expressions Video Memorial

Nothing creates a true lasting memory like a Memorial Video that family and friends watch time and time again. Reinforce the celebration of life and those emotions they felt during the visitation and service. The memorial video will be played over and over and shared with friends and family each holiday, dinner party or family reunion creating a lasting and positive image of your loved one for years to come.

Helping you every step of the way

We are dedicated to serving you and your family for all of your funeral needs. Our staff strives to gently guide you through the decisions necessary for making your loved one’s funeral a personal tribute. We will be flexible with your requests, as we empathize with our families, understanding that each family is unique.

Final Disposition

Placing the deceased in a permanent memorial is just as important to some families as the memorial service itself. For many, a grave or mausoleum niche is a place to visit and remember the life of their loved one. Others find a place in their home to keep the cremated remains. Choosing a place for final disposition provides your family the opportunity to visit and reflect in a permanent, identifiable location.

Type of Services

Planning the details of a funeral and coordinating the service are difficult tasks in a time of crisis. Beginning at the moment we receive notification of a person’s death, our professional staff will begin to assist your family with the many details of planning a funeral. We’ll take responsibility for the care of your loved one. A funeral director will make arrangements to meet with you to discuss your wishes, assure compliance with the law, provide assistance with floral selection and help coordinate the time and place of the funeral service

Keep in mind...

We offer a wide selection of caskets, urns, vaults, grave markers and keepsake selections and whether you choose burial or cremation for your arrangements, our caring and knowledgeable staff will be able to accommodate your needs for a personalized and unique service.

Traditional Burial

A traditional burial has several options for caskets and grave markers. Our staff and facilities are available to your family to help coordinate the details of the service with the clergy, the cemetery, or other participants in the ceremony. Our caring staff will also aid your family in completing any necessary paperwork including obituary notices, Social Security forms, and Veteran’s and insurance benefits.


Cremation is an option families are choosing as part of their funeral plans and the reasons people give for choosing cremation vary. Prior to cremation, your family may choose to have a visitation and a funeral service with your loved one present. Our knowledgeable staff will explain cremation caskets and cremation rental caskets for those families choosing to have a viewing followed by cremation.

What do we do now?

The next steps are often difficult to plan. Who to call, where to start with memorial invitations, where to hold the reception.. We know there is a lot to do and we are available for all your needs. To help with the next steps of the planning process, our funeral care professionals have created a checklist to help guide you along the way.