Planning Ahead

We at Hull’s Walnut Creek Chapel, drawing from years of experience, highly recommend planning funeral arrangements in advance. When planning pre-need, it’s possible to consider the decisions one must make in a calm state of mind without any time restrictions. You can ensure that your wishes are followed by arranging your own disposition instructions, which are legal and valid upon your passing. When a death occurs, stress and responsibility are greatly reduced for the survivors if plans have already been made.

The talk of a lifetime

It’s hard enough to think about death, so most procrastinate planning for it. Families all over the world find mortality an uncomfortable and taboo topic to discuss. As hard as it may be to talk about death it is a topic that needs to be planned and discussed in a timely fashion we before one's...

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Why should I plan ahead?

Pre-planning your service relieves your family and loved ones from having to make complicated and important choices during a time of tremendous stress and emotional strain. During the passing of a loved one those experiencing grief are not thinking very clearly, making decisions regarding your...

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Online Pre-need Form

We encourage you to call Hull’s Walnut Creek Chapel and make an appointment to set up pre-need funeral instructions. It may be one of the wisest, most thoughtful decisions of your life. If you are ready to begin funeral planning, you may fill in the form below:



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